Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial Roller Doors are designed with industrial applications in mind. From concept to manufacture, heavy duty usage is built in. That being the case, an industrial roller door would stand out as different from one you would expect on your home. It would consist of individual slats approximately 1 mm thick and 100 mm wide. Each slat is freely interlocked with the ones either side of it allowing for easy rolling in either direction. These differ from continuous curtian roller doors in many ways. Strength, Durability and Long Service life are built in with our Roller Shutter Doors.
Correctly at Alltech we call Industrial roller doors by their title” Roller Shutter Doors .” Their design allows for easy conversion to being Powered by Grifco. At Alltech we can re-power your existing roller shutter doors with a Grifco adaptor kit which is available for most roller shutter doors manufactured in or imported into New Zealand.